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In Provence around the truffle. Chef Patricia Richer, Chef Alain Biles.
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The land of lavender and olive tree keeps a treasure: the Melano and its humble truffled eggs.  Here we have arrived at the "sacrum sacrorum" of the gastronomes, with the name that the gourmands, the great chefs have never pronounced without putting their hand to their hat, to the truffle. "Eat me and worship me”.
The Truffle: the diamond of the cooking, create gourmet memories every moment. Who does not know the truffle and its incomparable perfume?
Who could resist the power of this jewel that charms the taste, intoxicates the sense of smell? As its enchanting aroma caresses, flatters, delight the palate!
Impatient, bright eyes of pleasure, we go to harvest of the rabasse: the black truffle.
In this month of November, the brotherhood of gastronomy gauges the news. Knowledge electrifies the spirits and ignites the furnaces.
This lunch with my Chef friend, we present the scrambled truffle. A simple dish.
Eggs mixed with 10 grams of mushroom. The slices of truffle lukewarm let escape diabolic scents. No liaison in the truffled eggs and especially no cream. Enclose the truffle and eggs in a jar for 3 days so that the perfumes infiltrate in the shell.
Then a little extra infusion, the eggs once beaten and mixed with thick slices wait 24 hours before cooking.
My friend Alain Biles, switched the gas a little high, after a slow cooking in a bain-marie that does not exceed 40 ° C.
Recipe: “Brouillade with truffle ”
6 eggs
10 gr of truffle
20 gr of butter
Between the truffle and the egg, there is a perfect alliance; one gives its perfumes while the other exalts them.

Savourez l'instant présent.

 L'expérience culinaire n'est rien d'autre qu'une somme d'expériences"
"The culinary experience is nothing more than a sum of experiences"

Chef Patricia Richer, Executive Chef.

Accords d'été

Des saveurs tout en fraîcheur et légèreté pour cultiver l'amour de la cuisine.
Flavors fresh and light to cultivate the love of cooking.

Dégustation plaisir

Crème, infusion verveine citronnée de la Provence, fruits rouges.
Recette Chef Patricia Richer

Un cumpleaños en aromas, colores y sabores

Un anniversaire en saveurs, en arômes et en couleurs. 
A la convivialité s'ajoute des parfums de basilic, de poivres et d'épices.
"Tuvimos una celebración en La Terrasse y fue una experiencia inolvidable, la verdad que vale la pena. La comida es exquisita, hecha 100% para uno, cada plato perfecto.
La atención maravillosa, muchas gracias!"